Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Remember How Precious Life Is

I am so sad and confused by the recent violence that has taken place in Colorado. As many of you know, I am trying to discover my own spirituality and religious beliefs and feel a little more lost on this topic than I have in previous days. I saw Tom Johnson on the Today Show this morning and was extremely touched by his comments surrounding the way his daughter lived. It is ironic that her father begged her to get out of Africa and other dangerous countries and yet her life was taken on U.S. soil, where he felt her to be safest. I cannot bring myself to think about the Works' family in Colorado Springs who lost both of their daughters (18 & 16) on a beautiful Sunday morning simply attending church as a family. It is the type of event that snaps reality back at you and makes you realize how precious life, love, and your family can be. Take nothing for granted. My sympathies go out to the families involved with this tragedy. May you find peace.