Thursday, August 30, 2007

Clinton Sex and Clinton Truth

I was really excited about the new season of Oprah and logged onto her website to see when I could expect my DVR to start delivering new shows. Her premier is in New York, excellent. I have never been to New York, but I love Chicago, so I am sure I would love New York. But then I see her show on September 4th will have as her guest, BILL CLINTON! It is a re-run, but they are promoting it like he is some sort of prize.

So let me take you back a show in which Oprah had learned that the book James Frey had written, and we all enjoyed, was based on a true story and not necessarily an autobiography.
Oprah: I appreciate you being here because I believe the truth can set you free.
She goes on to scold and berate both Mr. Frey and his publisher for publishing the book as pure memoir.

And yet, she allows this lying, cheating, disgusting man on the same stage to embrace his new book? His book in which he states that he had the relationship with Monica Lewinsky "because he could." Ok, people...seriously, this is when I would have stood up, slapped his chubby face, and ordered him off my stage. The very stage in which Ms. O had made billions of dollars empowering women, talking about diet, good emotional health, blah blah blah. But no, she smiles coyly at him and goes on to ask about Chelsea. For Christ sake Oprah!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where Do We Go From Here?

Every morning that I drive my "Little" to school we pass the local firehouse. As we are driving up the street, I tell her we are approaching and tell her to look to see if they are awake and outside. If they are, we usually honk and wave. When we talk about Stranger Danger, I tell her that firemen are good people and if she ever needs anything, she can go to their firehouse for safety. Granted, she is 3 1/2, but they say consistency is key. Maybe one day she will be 12 and afraid and need the assistance of a fireman. So imagine my horror when I see this headline:

Firefighter fired amid child pornography allegations

Now let me just state that the firefighter is in Englewood and not at our local firehouse, but let me also state that Englewood is the city just a little northeast of where we reside. Plus I just cannot believe that I am reading this story. He was a Fire Medic 1 - the highest level of medic - and served as a child safety seat coordinator for two years. This is disturbing on so many levels that I am, and this is astonishing, speechless!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

University of Catholicism and the Colorado What?

So I went to the CBSA Conference today to gain some more in depth insight on the Colorado Bio sciences Economy as it is of interest to me and not an area I am versed in, which embarrasses me. Bio sciences includes Biofuel and Nanotechnology, which is the future of Biotech and just plain cool. The first panel included the Chancellors from both CU and CSU, who had no problem tooting their own respective horns. So let me start with CU. The thing that I find interesting about Catholics is that they genuinely belief that they are the only true right religion. CU is the Catholic university. They are sure that they are the only true right university in Colorado. As "Bud" was tooting his horn, it took everything I had not to stand up and remind him that his football players rape women, his staff wrote hookers off on their expense report, they hire wing nuts as professors, their enrollment is on the decline, they are not competitive when it comes to the tech transfer programs, and because they do not do background checks on their temporary staff, a freshman was stabbed by a mental health patient, with a criminal background, on his first day of school. Well done Buddy!

So then some fool starts to talk about Governor Ritter's Colorado Promise which focuses on tourism, renewable energy, bio sciences, and health care (I think). This is so ridiculous in that Denver is an IT town with a fragile economy. These little projects should be within a 5 year plan, but not the items that should garner focus before all else. But leave it up to the Democrats to put their head in the sand and ignore the imminent threat. Hello, one of the leading markets for foreclosures! Lay-offs are being announced everyday!!! Billy- are you there Billy?

Monday, August 27, 2007

All This And I Can Sing

It has been over a week since I last posted, but not because I have lost interest in sharing my opinions with you. Oh No, you are not so lucky! In the five months I have been with my company, I have sold the first K-12 school deal, first large university, sold the first ever hospital product, gained audience with three of the largest fortune 500 companies my organization has presented to, closed the largest consulting project to date, and now, done business with an internationally headquartered organization boasting 70,000 employees worldwide.

This latest fete a fete required the quickest trip to Germany I have ever heard of. So let's begin this story with a reminder to all those unaware that I am afraid to fly and have never been on a plane for longer than 3 1/2 hours. Then let's review the location of Germany which is 9 hours away. Silly people always say to me that if I would fly more often then I would not be so afraid to fly. To those people I answer that up until March of this year, I spent 18 months flying every other week for business. Yes, it is an irrational fear, but a fear that is not based on the unknown. I have no control of the plane, the pilots, or the other passengers - and if you saw the news this weekend, you know that the passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight had to subdue a guy who was trying to open the backdoor of the plane in mid flight. So I left on Sunday (the 19th), arrived on Monday (the 20th), presented and negotiated on Tuesday, (the 21st), started home on Wednesday, and actually arrived in Denver on the 22nd. My intention was to update on Friday, but I was a drooling idiot and decided that coming into the office was a good idea! Needless to say, I am back on track and in love with the German people. So much so that I am seriously considering an MBA in International Business. I am the perfect candidate for doing business Internationally because I hold almost no ego, but am good at what I do and cannot be pushed around, am fearless, but always appropriate, and I love to talk to people, rather than talk at people. I just need to find that company that is close to $100 M in revenues, will sponsor my MBA - provided I satisfy a long term contract with them, appreciate what an MBA can do for them strategically, and allow me to live in Denver. I know they will be lining up at the door to take me up on that offer!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Things That Break My Heart

There has been so much tragedy these past few weeks and today was no exception. A 22 yr old man was killed in the mountains driving down the hill in a seven car pile up that was the result of a trucker not watching where he was going. A truck hit a toddler who is fighting for his life at Children's Hospital. Two firefighters were killed in New York today battling a fire in one the buildings damaged on September 11th. Then there is the mine in Utah, which I cannot even think about. I read on CNN that the mine incident is reaching a "critical moment"? Seriously, we have moved beyond a critical point. Then there is Hurricane Dean, which they can see from space and they are now bringing Endeavour home early, which begs the question can they land with a torn panel?

So all of this is going on and I have to care if Brittany is gay or losing her children as they flash yet another picture of her crawling her drunk ass into a car. At least she wore panties! And discussions about Michael Vick, who needs to just go to jail - one year per dog. There are real people having real problems that bring civil people to tears. Practice gratitude!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sex Offenders - 2nd chance is one too many!

Registered sex offender accused of sexually assaulting boy on
Longmont Police arrested 62-year-old Frank James Gutierrez after the boy's mother told police she had come home from work and caught Gutierrez sexually assaulting her son in the living room of their apartment. Gutierrez is a registered sex offender and was already listed on the Longmont Police Web site. He first registered with the police in November 2005 after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl in San Diego, California.

Seriously, when will this stop and why do we not have stiffer penalties for the sickos that hurt children in any way, shape, or form? How ridiculous and naive are those that think these people can be rehabilitated? When has that worked in the past? What was this little boy's mother thinking leaving her son alone and giving this pervert access to him. It is our responsibility as parents to protect our children, to raise them as healthy, strong, honest people with integrity.
We are not doing that on many levels, this being the most heinous. I just cannot get past this kind of thing and really think they should be put down like rabid dogs. Don't challenge me on this one, just agree to disagree if you are demented enough to do so!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shame on You Scott Bemis

Ok, you know that the integrity of an awards banquet is in question when one of the judges is also a finalist, as is a Sales Rep from a failing dot com company. However, the keynote speaker, Elbra Wedgeworth, Chief Government & Community Relations Officer at Denver Health, was awesome. But here was my dilemma. Ms. Wedgeworth grew up in government housing in Denver and has worked her way into many heavy hitting roles within Colorado. Applaud here. She was the woman who single-handedly got the DNC (Democratic National Convention) to come to Colorado. I cannot applaud until she says that 15,000 hotel rooms are already booked. Ok, applaud. Good job - Go Girl! Then she says, the next President of the United States could be nominated in our very town. I sit. Everyone around me is clapping. I know some of these women and know very well they have GOP cards. I smile and sit very still. It could be the first woman or the first African American leader of the land. I sit very still. Ok, I applaud the achievement, I know what it means to the Colorado economy, plus we took it from New York, but do not for a minute think I am supporting the Dems, especially Billary. Should I have done something different here?

Ok, so like you care, but:
Congratulations To The Finalists of 2007 Outstanding Women In Business
Banking and Finance (this group I am ok with and congrats to the winner, Patty Fontneau)

Patty Fontneau, The IMA Financial Group
Robin Heller, The Western Union Co.
Debbie Trujillo, KeyBank
Wendy Greenwald, The SolutionPR
Laura Love, GroundFloor Media
Martha Rubi, Hispanic Yellow Pages of America - Winner of the award and longest acceptance speech
Sandra Scanlon, Scanlon Consulting Services Inc.
Andrea Shpall, Polk Majestic Travel Group
Stephanie Ursini, Capital Momentum LLC - Winner and this is when I left

Health Care
Kathryn Paul, Delta Dental of Colorado
Bev Sloan, The Denver Hospice
Monika Valentine, OccMed Colorado
High-Tech and Telecommunications
Larissa Herda, Time Warner Telecom
Laura Sankey, Qwest Communications International Inc.
Vicki Steere, (So this is why I left, are you kidding me with this? So much talent in our market and we come down to a Sales Rep?)

Jean Yancey NAWBO Award - Small (I love Jean Yancey!)
Kathryn Arbour, Capabilities
Heather Gallien, Ide-Force
Stacey Sepp, Xstatic Public Relations
Jean Yancey NAWBO Award - Large
Carol Coover-Clark, Coover-Clark & Associates Inc.
Jennifer Jasinski, Rioja and Bistro Vendome
Lara Merriken, Larabar
Mile High Leaders
Kim Calomino, Built Green Colorado
Stephanie Prosenjak, Cherry Creek Dance Inc.
Lynn Utter, Coors Brewing Co.
NAWBO Member of the Year
Kathryn Arbour, Capabilities
Karen McCormack, Denver Rubber Co.
Peggy Sundstrom, Sundstrom & Associates
Nonprofits and Public Entities
Luella Chavez D'Angelo, The Western Union Co.
Kersten Hostetter, Micro Business Development
Robin Wise, Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain Inc. (Seriously?)
Barbara Kelley, Kamlet Shepherd & Reichert LLP
JoAnn Shea, CH2M Hill
Maureen Witt, Holland & Hart
Real Estate and Construction
Dana Crawford, Urban Neighborhoods
Caroline Hoyt, McStain Neighborhoods
Kimberly Smith, Avenue West Corporate Housing

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Girl Power

Last week was a blur and I am afraid that it will be the status quot for the time being. I am working on a huge project as a semi Project Manager, chasing down the prospects on my forecast for August, may have to go to Germany to close a deal in the coming weeks, and am feeling a bit of panic surrounding the success of the CSIA DEMO gala. Now I say that about the DEMO because everything CSIA does is a class act. I have sent out email to some of the most influential, intelligent, and successful people in town to gain advice and clear direction, but I am not guaranteed any of their time as of yet.

The most exciting thing planned for this week thus far is the Denver Business Journals Outstanding Women in Business 2007 Luncheon. Su Hawk, my friend and mentor, has been nominated, but feels confident that she has not won. Whether or not DBJ thinks so, Su is a huge winner in my book and a woman that Denver should be proud to showcase. Secondarily, I am excited about this event because it is an opportunity to acknowledge the success and achievement of talented women. Go Girls!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Western CIO Forum, CSIA Wine Tasting, and more

Last night began the Western CIO Forum. I spent today high atop the Pinnacle Club located in downtown Denver listening to SME CIO's from North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Washington State, the Federal Government, and Colorado. Governor Bill Ritter kicked off the events, so it is nice to see that he is not blowing off every IT Event in Colorado. Well done Billy! The subject material is over my head, though I understood the business case presentations and the security portion. I am there in support of CSIA as they are co-sponsors as well as to meet the CIO's from the Western States. All in all, it was a good use of my time and I met some interesting people. Lunch was great in that I got to catch up with my friend Carolyn Duffy of Hein & Associates. If you ever need Accounting, CPA, Audit, or M&A assistance, they are the people to call. Tomorrow is the remainder of the program and John Oeschle, CIO - IHS, is speaking and I am excited about that. He is one of those interesting, intelligent, accomplished, but highly over-committed people that you never get enough of. I am honored to know a few of those personally with Kirby Slunaker being another.
Thursday night is the CSIA Wine Tasting at the Governor's Mansion. I am embarrassed to say that this is not a CSIA event that I have ever attended. The worse part is that each year my friend and ex-boss, Jeff Carr, donates his wine, which I love. Aimee was nice enough to remind me that I had not registered for the event, but it is on my list of things to do once I am back in the office tomorrow.
Julie Aigner-Clark was on the 9News Your Show yesterday. She is amazing in that the one time teacher decided to be a stay at home mother with her children and founded Baby Einstein because there was nothing on the market that stimulated her children with beautiful things, art, and music. Then she sold it to Disney. Oh brother. I could not come up with such innovation if it hit me in the head. She truly is amazing and I would love to know her. She is a breast cancer survivor and has started a company with John Walsh to teach children how to stay safe called Safe Side ( Truly amazing!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Colorado Biz and Not Just the Magazine!

I have a passion for Colorado and all things leading to the success of Colorado as a market. Maybe it is that I do not ever want to have to leave this town because I cannot make a living here. There are a couple of shout-outs that I feel are due, or past due in that they support the growth that our market needs and highlights the innovation within Colorado.

TechStars ( is an amazing concept founded by:
David Cohen
Brad Feld (, who is completely brilliant, down to Earth, and interesting even to non tech types on his blog
Jared Polis, who founded Blue Mountain Arts, which I love, and is running for public office (
David Brown
Their concept gives opportunity to innovation in the form of seed funding, advice/mentoring, and connections. Best of all, they require the recipients to live and breathe in Boulder. I lay in bed at night trying to create something that would allow me access to these guys on a regular basis, and yet, a sales monkey I remain! Well done, well done indeed!

Although I do love ColoradoBiz magazine, this shout-out is for the Best Companies to work for 2007. Gone are the days when we started drinking in the office at noon, worked until 3pm on Fridays, had company picnics on the lawn once a week, or enjoyed any of the hundreds of perks that the late 90's introduced us to as a workforce, but obviously there are companies in our grand city that know a thing or two about unique benefit offerings and appreciate their employees through deeds and not just words. You can find the list at, as well as register for celebratory luncheon.

Last, but by far never ever least in my book, is CSIA (Colorado Software and Internet Association) There are not words to describe the exhausting and tireless work done by these folks for technology in Colorado. Not just software organizations or Internet organizations, but all technology! The DEMO gala is coming up in October, so if you have a cool sexy technology that you can showcase to 850-1250 attendees, get yourself nominated in a red hot hurry! There will be a conference this year, which is largely exciting, and an awesome key note speaker - but I am sworn to secrecy thus far. CSIA has also partnered with CSU for the CSIA CSU Inspire to Innovate Technology Scholarship and we are actively fundraising. Our partnership with not only CSU, but DSST and Adams County School District provides us with the opportunity to introduce technology as a career path to the young minds of our state, grow the Colorado talent pool, and introduce amazing companies in which they can intern.

I have to thank Su Hawk for allowing me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally though the volunteer work I am afforded with CSIA. Oh where do I start when it comes to Su Hawk, professional, thoughtful, intelligent, driven, passionate. I cannot articulate the respect and admiration I feel for this powerhouse of a woman. I wrote the following about her in a nomination form:
The impact of such a dynamic woman reaches out to business, education, government, law, the arts, public service, and technology, to name a few. The measurement of her reach is in her ability to make things happen and she always has a line of volunteers ready to turn direction into action. Under the leadership of Su Hawk, the CSIA DEMOgala of 2006 was the first corporate event to highlight the achievements in a real-world application of college students and many corporations sponsored the attendance of high school and college students, counselors, deans, and other education representatives. From the CSIA Public Policy and Economic Development Committee, an Education Committee has formed through Su’s leadership and dedication to the attention towards growing IT talent within our great state and beginning the process earlier in a student’s education.

Su Hawk is impressive because of her leadership, her role modeling, and as an agent of change, she is breaking new ground. She is a woman that treats everyone she encounters with dignity and respect, even faced with a situation in which it is not reciprocal. Su Hawk is the definition of “Bold” and I am very proud to know her and to serve as one of her many volunteers.
If you know her, please congratulate Su Hawk as a Denver Business Journal "Outstanding Woman in Business" nominee for 2007. The award luncheon is August 15th and if she does not win, it is because someone is asleep at the wheel. If you do not know her, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Introduce yourself, and then congratulate her!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Andrew Romanoff Announces His Candidacy For.....

From Mr Romanoff's very own website:

"I ran for office because I wanted to make it possible for every Coloradan to enjoy the same kind of basic opportunities my mom and dad gave me: a solid education, a steady source of health care, and a safe place to live. I believe those goals are within our reach."

So ask me where the Speaker is today, come on, you know you want to ask! Wait for it......
China, and no that is not like the People's Republic of Boulder for those of you who are Colorado-centric.
Here is his blog entry from Monday, July 30th:

"I'm in Beijing (14 hour time difference from Colorado) with two dozen other young political leaders from around the US; half are Democrats, half Republicans.We met today with officials from the State Council Information Office and asked them why China continued to sell weapons to the Sudanese government, at the risk of tarring the Beijing Games as the "Genocide Olympics." The minister said that China hoped to resolve the Darfur issue and was working toward that end. We'll have a meeting at the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.We also met with environmental advocates and discussed ways the US and China could collaborate on climate change -- a subject of mutual concern. "When it comes to the environment," one advocate said, "there is no (purely) local interest."

Seriously Andy, is this the best use of your time? In case you have forgotten let me break down the local news for you:

Highest Foreclosure Rates
CSAP scores unsatisfactory
Many Coloradoans are still without sufficient Health Care

and these three items speak to why you ran for office! Are Mom and Dad proud?
Let's now talk about the economy and what you are doing to bring jobs to Colorado, or entice Fortune 500 companies to open offices in our market, or why neither you nor Governor Ritter extended a welcome or thank you to the Microsoft Global Partner Convention that brought over 10,000 people to Denver.

Right now Andy, you are the HOA President that wants to beautify the neighborhood rather than deal with the drunk wife, slut daughter, and paroled son in his own house. So let's call your little trip to China what it is - a vacation. There are more important people than you jumping up and down about the "Genocide Olympics" and if you really have it in your mind that the Chinese are taking a long look at themselves because a Democrat from Colorado has shown up on their doorstep, then you are going to need a bigger hat and a mirror that reminds you that you are not the fairest of them all.