Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Or the Democratic National Convention, but what is the difference really? I obviously live in Denver and am less than thrilled about the DNC coming to town. I am supporting the fact that huge "tourist" dollars will be spent in our economy and that every news station in the world will be highlighting the city, but beyond that, this is a nightmare. The funds have not been raised, the hospital in which I work is now the facility of choice in the case of a disaster (and I guess they do not categorize the Dems coming to town as a disaster in their own right), and I am being held hostage as "essential personnel" and cannot take PTO during any portion of the convention. Which is exactly what I had planned on doing - Getting the hell out of dodge.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with the way the Democratic candidates have been duking it out against one another. They have made themselves out to look like childish bullies that cannot be trusted and John McCain is left smelling like a rose. I am not a McCain fan, but he is the GOP candidate and the lesser of all evils still standing in the election. August will be hot in Denver in more ways than one. I will have the opportunity to watch the fight to the death between bitter rivals. I hope that is all the excitement we see here in the Mile High City....I mean, who would want to actually hurt the first black presidential candidate or the first female presidential candidate with a philandering husband, both of which lie so easily, it looks effortless?

And No, I will not waste my time picketing!