Saturday, September 29, 2007

Keeping Kids Safe

My "Little" came downstairs and said "I love you so much Mommy". When I asked her why, she said "Because I know I am safe". That is the meaning of being a parent. Always keeping them safe. Keeping her safe from perverts is such a concern to me. Sadly enough, two teenagers lost their lives this morning in car accident close to where I live. My thoughts and prayers are going out to the families who are forever changed by such tragic events so early this morning.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Chester Arthur Stiles upgraded to Suspect

Her face has been splashed across the television and internet media, her eyes are haunting as she shows no emotion towards the camera. She looks as if she has extensive experience, except that she is less than five years of age. The police have said that the contents of the tape are the worst things that can happen to a little girl at the hands of an adult male and beyond. I have a good idea what pedophiles are capable of and I cannot go anywhere near this without a burning in my blood. I can actually physically feel my skin turn hot when I look at this man's picture and I feel nothing when I think about the things that should happen to him. Please help find this man - call the police if you have any information. The tape he made is at least a year old, so there are more victims out there and it could be a little girl that you know. Stop this monster!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

If You Are Not On This List, You Should Be!

Thank You to Our DEMOgala Sponsors!

Through their investment, we are able to proudly show off Colorado’s technology community.
Leadership: IHS, Hein & Associates and TEK Systems
Conference Track: MWH Global
International Pavilion: Canadian Consulate’s Office
Co-Sponsors: Cooley/Godward/Kronish, KPMG, HP, ViaWest, Holland & Hart, ProtoTest, Townsend & Townsend, The Ash Group and Richmond American Homes


54 Companies Selected for DEMOgala Showcase

More than 50 of Colorado’s most innovative companies have been selected for the Innovation Showcase. With cutting-edge technologies spanning software, robotics, aerospace, bioscience, wireless communications, sports technology and more, this year’s Innovation Showcase surpasses previous years for both its size and inspiration.


For Immediate Release CSIA Media Contact: Su Hawk
September 19, 2007 303.592.4068 Cell: 303.884.9632
Tim Armstrong, President, Advertising and Commerce, North America, Google
To Keynote CSIA DEMOGala October 11
DENVER – September 19, 2007 – Tim Armstrong, President, Advertising and Commerce, North America for Google, will be the keynote speaker for the CSIA DEMOgala on October 11, 2007. The third-annual CSIA DEMOgala is a full day of Colorado technology innovation, conference, and a series of events focused on discussions for nearly 1,000 leaders from Colorado’s advanced technology industry, culminating with the keynote talk by Armstrong.
"We truly are honored to have one of the most influential technology leaders from one of the most successful companies in the world as our keynote speaker for this year’s CSIA DEMOgala," said Su Hawk, president of CSIA. "Tim not only is leading the way for Google’s sales strategy in North America, and Google is leading the way for innovation. We are pleased to be hearing from someone who believes in Colorado as well," she said.
Armstrong serves as current chairman of the board for Denver-based Associated Content. Associated Content is a leading social media publisher and syndication engine, providing brands and publishers with a wide range of quality content generated through its scalable and efficient platform and online publishing showcase company.
The CSIA DEMOgala will feature a showcase of technology demonstrations from 35-40 selected Colorado technology companies, along with an Innovation Conference featuring 20 different programs, workshops and roundtables focused on key issues on innovation on education, business, entrepreneurism and trends. This year the event will also feature an International Pavilion created by the Canadian Consulate’s office, who is hosting a delegation of technology leaders from Canada.
"We created this event to showcase Colorado technology to the world, and with Tim Armstrong representing one of the most visionary companies in technology, the shared ideas and insight will be enormously productive," said John Oechsle, CIO and senior vice president of IHS and 2007 Chairman of the Board of CSIA. "It’s vitally important that CSIA serve as a portal to show off the great companies and innovation of Colorado, especially given that IT/software is fueling the growth of every industry in Colorado and the world," he added.
"Colorado’s entrepreneurial climate is more significant than many imagine, so I’m proud to have been asked to give the keynote talk this year," Armstrong said. "I’m pleased to be participating with CSIA to help promote the hundreds of Colorado technology leaders and companies, while sharing Google’s story with state-wide leaders," he said.
An innovation leader at Google, Tim presides over Google's North American advertising sales and operations teams. His team, located in cities across the U.S. and Canada, provides customers with local partnerships as well as centralized sales and services. They work with some of the world's most widely recognized brands and advertising agencies, as well as some of the fastest growing medium-sized companies.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am overwhelmed this week with events. The DEMO gala is rushing towards me at an alarming rate, I have the Internet Safety Foundation Summit this Friday - which I am so excited about. Ok, I have to come back to this......

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Go Big or Go Bitter

I finished reading Jen Lancaster's first book this weekend and it was both funny and pertinent to my current life. It also brought up concerns for me regarding the current economy and where we are going from here, my lack of savings, retirement, etc., and our spending habits. That being said, I am not nearly as caught up in shoes, purses, and lip gloss as Ms. Lancaster. She has another book (of course I will purchase and read it immediately) and a blog that she infrequently updates. ( So two comments on the book - First off, I hope Kathleen, Courtney, and Will are unemployed or at the very least under-employed. Second, I hope that Corporate America remembers that there are people out there looking for jobs and are made up of pure drive, talent, and loyalty - and they are not always the people you think they are. The economy is not to the point it was in 2001 and I hope that stays true for the sake of the employees that work hard and are dedicated. That being said to Corporate America, I know there are people out there that call themselves "Consultants". For the most part, this is code for "I am planning on walking in after 9 am, taking a 2 hour lunch, and raping you on an hourly rate." These people screw things up for the real Subject Matter Experts. Ebbs and flows people, ebbs and flows.
So I am finding myself relating to Jen on a variety of levels. I am a driven sales and business woman that does not necessarily like sales. I do not like being sold to and can see through most people that try to push their wears on me. I love to write and yet, have not had the audacity or courage to introduce the real "me" to this blog or submit any pieces to publishers, editors, etc. Ok, so maybe Jen has more (her favorite word) moxie than I. Note to self: add moxie to grocery list.

Friday, September 7, 2007

A Collection of Technology Brilliance

Save The Date: October 11, 2007
CSIA Presents the DEMO gala Conference, Reception, and Dinner!
It all begins with a keynote breakfast from THE Brad Feld (, continues throughout the day with demonstrations from innovative companies within Colorado and four conference tracks - Innovation in Education, Innovation Creation, Innovation in Business, and Innovative Tech Trends - offering five sessions with SME's in a bevy of areas! The C & Be Seen Reception begins at 5pm, followed by the dinner with a keynote speaker that makes me want to jump up and down clapping my hands. 34 days and counting....Oh My God, the work that needs to be done!