Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Andrew Romanoff Announces His Candidacy For.....

From Mr Romanoff's very own website:

"I ran for office because I wanted to make it possible for every Coloradan to enjoy the same kind of basic opportunities my mom and dad gave me: a solid education, a steady source of health care, and a safe place to live. I believe those goals are within our reach."

So ask me where the Speaker is today, come on, you know you want to ask! Wait for it......
China, and no that is not like the People's Republic of Boulder for those of you who are Colorado-centric.
Here is his blog entry from Monday, July 30th:

"I'm in Beijing (14 hour time difference from Colorado) with two dozen other young political leaders from around the US; half are Democrats, half Republicans.We met today with officials from the State Council Information Office and asked them why China continued to sell weapons to the Sudanese government, at the risk of tarring the Beijing Games as the "Genocide Olympics." The minister said that China hoped to resolve the Darfur issue and was working toward that end. We'll have a meeting at the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.We also met with environmental advocates and discussed ways the US and China could collaborate on climate change -- a subject of mutual concern. "When it comes to the environment," one advocate said, "there is no (purely) local interest."

Seriously Andy, is this the best use of your time? In case you have forgotten let me break down the local news for you:

Highest Foreclosure Rates
CSAP scores unsatisfactory
Many Coloradoans are still without sufficient Health Care

and these three items speak to why you ran for office! Are Mom and Dad proud?
Let's now talk about the economy and what you are doing to bring jobs to Colorado, or entice Fortune 500 companies to open offices in our market, or why neither you nor Governor Ritter extended a welcome or thank you to the Microsoft Global Partner Convention that brought over 10,000 people to Denver.

Right now Andy, you are the HOA President that wants to beautify the neighborhood rather than deal with the drunk wife, slut daughter, and paroled son in his own house. So let's call your little trip to China what it is - a vacation. There are more important people than you jumping up and down about the "Genocide Olympics" and if you really have it in your mind that the Chinese are taking a long look at themselves because a Democrat from Colorado has shown up on their doorstep, then you are going to need a bigger hat and a mirror that reminds you that you are not the fairest of them all.


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