Thursday, August 30, 2007

Clinton Sex and Clinton Truth

I was really excited about the new season of Oprah and logged onto her website to see when I could expect my DVR to start delivering new shows. Her premier is in New York, excellent. I have never been to New York, but I love Chicago, so I am sure I would love New York. But then I see her show on September 4th will have as her guest, BILL CLINTON! It is a re-run, but they are promoting it like he is some sort of prize.

So let me take you back a show in which Oprah had learned that the book James Frey had written, and we all enjoyed, was based on a true story and not necessarily an autobiography.
Oprah: I appreciate you being here because I believe the truth can set you free.
She goes on to scold and berate both Mr. Frey and his publisher for publishing the book as pure memoir.

And yet, she allows this lying, cheating, disgusting man on the same stage to embrace his new book? His book in which he states that he had the relationship with Monica Lewinsky "because he could." Ok, people...seriously, this is when I would have stood up, slapped his chubby face, and ordered him off my stage. The very stage in which Ms. O had made billions of dollars empowering women, talking about diet, good emotional health, blah blah blah. But no, she smiles coyly at him and goes on to ask about Chelsea. For Christ sake Oprah!

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