Friday, September 28, 2007

Chester Arthur Stiles upgraded to Suspect

Her face has been splashed across the television and internet media, her eyes are haunting as she shows no emotion towards the camera. She looks as if she has extensive experience, except that she is less than five years of age. The police have said that the contents of the tape are the worst things that can happen to a little girl at the hands of an adult male and beyond. I have a good idea what pedophiles are capable of and I cannot go anywhere near this without a burning in my blood. I can actually physically feel my skin turn hot when I look at this man's picture and I feel nothing when I think about the things that should happen to him. Please help find this man - call the police if you have any information. The tape he made is at least a year old, so there are more victims out there and it could be a little girl that you know. Stop this monster!

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