Sunday, September 9, 2007

Go Big or Go Bitter

I finished reading Jen Lancaster's first book this weekend and it was both funny and pertinent to my current life. It also brought up concerns for me regarding the current economy and where we are going from here, my lack of savings, retirement, etc., and our spending habits. That being said, I am not nearly as caught up in shoes, purses, and lip gloss as Ms. Lancaster. She has another book (of course I will purchase and read it immediately) and a blog that she infrequently updates. ( So two comments on the book - First off, I hope Kathleen, Courtney, and Will are unemployed or at the very least under-employed. Second, I hope that Corporate America remembers that there are people out there looking for jobs and are made up of pure drive, talent, and loyalty - and they are not always the people you think they are. The economy is not to the point it was in 2001 and I hope that stays true for the sake of the employees that work hard and are dedicated. That being said to Corporate America, I know there are people out there that call themselves "Consultants". For the most part, this is code for "I am planning on walking in after 9 am, taking a 2 hour lunch, and raping you on an hourly rate." These people screw things up for the real Subject Matter Experts. Ebbs and flows people, ebbs and flows.
So I am finding myself relating to Jen on a variety of levels. I am a driven sales and business woman that does not necessarily like sales. I do not like being sold to and can see through most people that try to push their wears on me. I love to write and yet, have not had the audacity or courage to introduce the real "me" to this blog or submit any pieces to publishers, editors, etc. Ok, so maybe Jen has more (her favorite word) moxie than I. Note to self: add moxie to grocery list.

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