Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Building a Partnership Beyond Beer

I was invited to the reception at the Canadian Consultate's office. The reason for their trip and the reception is to provide a win/win bridge for Canadian and Colorado organizations. The Canadian Consulate in Denver coordinated a Trade Mission and arranged for their visit during the CSIA DEMOgala. They hosted one heck of a party, which I would have really taken advantage of if not for all the work still to be done before our event. I want to thank David Smith for the invitation and all of his work towards bringing these organizations to our fair city! He was also charged with begging the guys at SXIP to send their CEO down to speak. The fact that it did not happen says nothing about him and everything about the fact that I only came across Dick Hardt's presentation a few weeks ago. In true style, I shot for the moon and decided I wanted him for the Innovation in Technology Trends Track. Yes, I am crazy, but so getting him next year!

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