Saturday, October 13, 2007

DEMO Recap

The 2007 CSIA DEMOgala was an enormous success and the largest event in CSIA history, as well as the largest technology event in Colorado in 2007. We are the people that dream big and then drive ourselves to the ends of the Earth to accomplish every one of our crazy ideas. This year it was: a breakfast led by THE Brad Feld with comments and an important industry specific announcement by Gov. Bill Ritter. Congratulations to Su Hawk on her new and IT significant Board position! Next up, the conference that Doug Prom and I CO-Chaired. My biggest fear was that no one would come -0 boy was I wrong. In between the morning and the afternoon sessions, we had a CXO Luncheon that was set up like the Tonight Show with Jon Nordmark, CEO & Founder of eBags, as Jay Leno. He was funny and clever and sincere and did a great job. He interviewed: Kirby Slunaker of MDC Holdings (2007 CSIA DEMOgala Chair & my HERO), Bob Ogdon the CEO of SwiftPage (who was funny and not someone I thought was overly funny before that day - I say this because I am pretty sure the man is not all to fond of me, which is ok), Micki Nelson, CIO of MWH Global (the mother of someone I adore and a powerful, self-confident, authentic woman I admire), Leroy Williams the CIO of Ball Corporation (a good man with high self-esteem), and there are two more, but I am brain dead.

The night was totally amazing. Tim Armstrong was incredibly engaging, entertaining, and without arrogance of any kind. He stuck around to shake hands after the dinner, including mine.

It was a great day!! I am not wearing shoes tomorrow!!

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