Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Road To The Run

Welcome to my new journal. Unfortunately, I cannot wipe away my previous posts or the political perspectives and I guess I don't want to, but due to the circumstances surrounding the latest election, I have nothing more to say about politics and the ruin we are about endure.

So now this is my journey from the current me to the best possible me. My first goal is a 5k. I am hoping that I can do the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, but am taking things really slowly so as not to injure my lungs. Tonight I ran a 10 minute mile - so it was only for a minute and a half, but I am going to run a 10 minute mile until I can do so for 3.1 miles.

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sllygrl said...

I'm excited to read this! I appreciated your political views as well and liked reading them too, but this is more about you, on a different level and I can't wait to watch your success on a regular basis!