Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shame on the Media, the Politicians, and Who Is Running These Damn Cmapaigns?

I can't day that I am happy with the way this campaign has gone. I almost said campaign year, but for Barack Obama, it has been much longer than that, begging the question as to how his constituents feel about their lack of representation for a large part of time in which he was elected to solely represent them?

Like so many other things, campaigning turned the corner at the very moment that Bill Clinton made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show with saxophone in hand. The integrity of the office continued to decline after he was elected, but that was the single event that made it acceptable for politicians and their campaigns to perform rather than politic.

Mainstream media has played a large part in this election and not from a responsible journalism point of view, but instead they are incredibly biased and one sided - making me miss the professionalism that Tim Russert exhibited all the more. I do not appreciate the sexism of the good ole boys network that NBC has become and feel like Sarah Palin was as good of a choice as anyone else would be. And let's get real, the only reason Joe Biden is on Obama's tickets is because he is as sure as the rest of us that we would be referring to him as President Biden before the end of an Obama term. But who would dare report that? The networks won't even discuss Obama's lack of experience or the fact that he has not authored one piece of legislature or come up with one original idea. Where is the journalism? Where is the story?

I have said this out loud, but I may have to change this blog if the Dems win this one. There would be too much for me to write about when they renege on every promise they made to the naive liberal audience. Joe the Plumber is going to be pissed when they raise the taxes on his $45K salary and he has to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon rather than our beloved Coors. Yes, too large of a target would become a full time job for me and since Barack Obama could not run this country on his own, due to his grotesque lack of experience, we would have 4 more years of the Clinton Administration. That's the bad news....The good news is that there are bj's for everyone!

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