Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

To say I am having a lazy weekend would be an understatement. I am clinching every muscle I have watching the Broncos game, so tomorrow I will be sore without breaking a sweat. It is my sincere hope to get off the couch and get some mileage in this afternoon. It looks nice outside and is supposed to be in the 70's on Tuesday, so there is really little excuse for me in the coming days. It is an event week and I do have a parent teach conference for Little this week, but still - no excuses.

So the Broncos - can anyone explain to me why there is so much discussion surrounding Brandon Marshall? I am just not a fan and don't think he outshines any of the other receivers. I think Eddie Royal is doing a bang up job and shows a lot of heart. Speaking of heart, mine is broken looking at Jason Elam in a red and black jersey standing on the Falcons sideline. I cannot imagine how I will feel looking at Matt Holiday playing for another team. Every day is no longer a Holliday for Colorado fans!

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