Saturday, August 11, 2007

Girl Power

Last week was a blur and I am afraid that it will be the status quot for the time being. I am working on a huge project as a semi Project Manager, chasing down the prospects on my forecast for August, may have to go to Germany to close a deal in the coming weeks, and am feeling a bit of panic surrounding the success of the CSIA DEMO gala. Now I say that about the DEMO because everything CSIA does is a class act. I have sent out email to some of the most influential, intelligent, and successful people in town to gain advice and clear direction, but I am not guaranteed any of their time as of yet.

The most exciting thing planned for this week thus far is the Denver Business Journals Outstanding Women in Business 2007 Luncheon. Su Hawk, my friend and mentor, has been nominated, but feels confident that she has not won. Whether or not DBJ thinks so, Su is a huge winner in my book and a woman that Denver should be proud to showcase. Secondarily, I am excited about this event because it is an opportunity to acknowledge the success and achievement of talented women. Go Girls!

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