Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shame on You Scott Bemis

Ok, you know that the integrity of an awards banquet is in question when one of the judges is also a finalist, as is a Sales Rep from a failing dot com company. However, the keynote speaker, Elbra Wedgeworth, Chief Government & Community Relations Officer at Denver Health, was awesome. But here was my dilemma. Ms. Wedgeworth grew up in government housing in Denver and has worked her way into many heavy hitting roles within Colorado. Applaud here. She was the woman who single-handedly got the DNC (Democratic National Convention) to come to Colorado. I cannot applaud until she says that 15,000 hotel rooms are already booked. Ok, applaud. Good job - Go Girl! Then she says, the next President of the United States could be nominated in our very town. I sit. Everyone around me is clapping. I know some of these women and know very well they have GOP cards. I smile and sit very still. It could be the first woman or the first African American leader of the land. I sit very still. Ok, I applaud the achievement, I know what it means to the Colorado economy, plus we took it from New York, but do not for a minute think I am supporting the Dems, especially Billary. Should I have done something different here?

Ok, so like you care, but:
Congratulations To The Finalists of 2007 Outstanding Women In Business
Banking and Finance (this group I am ok with and congrats to the winner, Patty Fontneau)

Patty Fontneau, The IMA Financial Group
Robin Heller, The Western Union Co.
Debbie Trujillo, KeyBank
Wendy Greenwald, The SolutionPR
Laura Love, GroundFloor Media
Martha Rubi, Hispanic Yellow Pages of America - Winner of the award and longest acceptance speech
Sandra Scanlon, Scanlon Consulting Services Inc.
Andrea Shpall, Polk Majestic Travel Group
Stephanie Ursini, Capital Momentum LLC - Winner and this is when I left

Health Care
Kathryn Paul, Delta Dental of Colorado
Bev Sloan, The Denver Hospice
Monika Valentine, OccMed Colorado
High-Tech and Telecommunications
Larissa Herda, Time Warner Telecom
Laura Sankey, Qwest Communications International Inc.
Vicki Steere, (So this is why I left, are you kidding me with this? So much talent in our market and we come down to a Sales Rep?)

Jean Yancey NAWBO Award - Small (I love Jean Yancey!)
Kathryn Arbour, Capabilities
Heather Gallien, Ide-Force
Stacey Sepp, Xstatic Public Relations
Jean Yancey NAWBO Award - Large
Carol Coover-Clark, Coover-Clark & Associates Inc.
Jennifer Jasinski, Rioja and Bistro Vendome
Lara Merriken, Larabar
Mile High Leaders
Kim Calomino, Built Green Colorado
Stephanie Prosenjak, Cherry Creek Dance Inc.
Lynn Utter, Coors Brewing Co.
NAWBO Member of the Year
Kathryn Arbour, Capabilities
Karen McCormack, Denver Rubber Co.
Peggy Sundstrom, Sundstrom & Associates
Nonprofits and Public Entities
Luella Chavez D'Angelo, The Western Union Co.
Kersten Hostetter, Micro Business Development
Robin Wise, Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain Inc. (Seriously?)
Barbara Kelley, Kamlet Shepherd & Reichert LLP
JoAnn Shea, CH2M Hill
Maureen Witt, Holland & Hart
Real Estate and Construction
Dana Crawford, Urban Neighborhoods
Caroline Hoyt, McStain Neighborhoods
Kimberly Smith, Avenue West Corporate Housing

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