Tuesday, August 28, 2007

University of Catholicism and the Colorado What?

So I went to the CBSA Conference today to gain some more in depth insight on the Colorado Bio sciences Economy as it is of interest to me and not an area I am versed in, which embarrasses me. Bio sciences includes Biofuel and Nanotechnology, which is the future of Biotech and just plain cool. The first panel included the Chancellors from both CU and CSU, who had no problem tooting their own respective horns. So let me start with CU. The thing that I find interesting about Catholics is that they genuinely belief that they are the only true right religion. CU is the Catholic university. They are sure that they are the only true right university in Colorado. As "Bud" was tooting his horn, it took everything I had not to stand up and remind him that his football players rape women, his staff wrote hookers off on their expense report, they hire wing nuts as professors, their enrollment is on the decline, they are not competitive when it comes to the tech transfer programs, and because they do not do background checks on their temporary staff, a freshman was stabbed by a mental health patient, with a criminal background, on his first day of school. Well done Buddy!

So then some fool starts to talk about Governor Ritter's Colorado Promise which focuses on tourism, renewable energy, bio sciences, and health care (I think). This is so ridiculous in that Denver is an IT town with a fragile economy. These little projects should be within a 5 year plan, but not the items that should garner focus before all else. But leave it up to the Democrats to put their head in the sand and ignore the imminent threat. Hello, one of the leading markets for foreclosures! Lay-offs are being announced everyday!!! Billy- are you there Billy?

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