Monday, August 27, 2007

All This And I Can Sing

It has been over a week since I last posted, but not because I have lost interest in sharing my opinions with you. Oh No, you are not so lucky! In the five months I have been with my company, I have sold the first K-12 school deal, first large university, sold the first ever hospital product, gained audience with three of the largest fortune 500 companies my organization has presented to, closed the largest consulting project to date, and now, done business with an internationally headquartered organization boasting 70,000 employees worldwide.

This latest fete a fete required the quickest trip to Germany I have ever heard of. So let's begin this story with a reminder to all those unaware that I am afraid to fly and have never been on a plane for longer than 3 1/2 hours. Then let's review the location of Germany which is 9 hours away. Silly people always say to me that if I would fly more often then I would not be so afraid to fly. To those people I answer that up until March of this year, I spent 18 months flying every other week for business. Yes, it is an irrational fear, but a fear that is not based on the unknown. I have no control of the plane, the pilots, or the other passengers - and if you saw the news this weekend, you know that the passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight had to subdue a guy who was trying to open the backdoor of the plane in mid flight. So I left on Sunday (the 19th), arrived on Monday (the 20th), presented and negotiated on Tuesday, (the 21st), started home on Wednesday, and actually arrived in Denver on the 22nd. My intention was to update on Friday, but I was a drooling idiot and decided that coming into the office was a good idea! Needless to say, I am back on track and in love with the German people. So much so that I am seriously considering an MBA in International Business. I am the perfect candidate for doing business Internationally because I hold almost no ego, but am good at what I do and cannot be pushed around, am fearless, but always appropriate, and I love to talk to people, rather than talk at people. I just need to find that company that is close to $100 M in revenues, will sponsor my MBA - provided I satisfy a long term contract with them, appreciate what an MBA can do for them strategically, and allow me to live in Denver. I know they will be lining up at the door to take me up on that offer!

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