Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who Is This Silly Girl?

I saw Ellen Degeneres cry on TV today over a dog that was taken from her friends because she adopted it and then gave it to the family after she realized that the puppy would not integrate with her cats. I thought that was an interesting thing to be devastated over, until I started to get choked up. Don't get me wrong, I do not necessarily care about the dog - I mean, I love animals, but do not get emotional over pets I have never seen. The dog is still living and will most likely go to another family or be guilted into giving it back to Ellen's friends. The thing that effects and affects me is seeing other people sad, unhappy, and crying. I am starting to really feel the effects of other people and their emotions. I genuinely want people to be happy, including my husband and myself.

I have the same strong reaction to weak people who present themselves as sheep, but are truly wolves in sheep's clothing. These are the people who use others and present themselves as good to gain a self-serving advantage. They always have their own agenda and will manipulate any situation to resolve their own expectations. The problem is that they can smell like roses only for so long before the water in the vase becomes rotted.

My point is that I am starting to feel sympathy/empathy as much as I am feel annoyed. I am not a stranger to annoyance, but this whole sappy personality is one to which I have not been introduced!

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