Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is This An Acceptance Speech?

Ok, if you have not read Brad Feld's blog - you should! ( I like his thoughts regarding Colorado Innovation Council. He does not mention that our own beloved Su Hawk (CSIA) is a member of the Executive Committee, but he is after all, Brad Feld, and so all is forgiven.

So I love the madKast widget and want to congratulate the guys on their participation at DEMO gala. Doug Ludlow was great and really held his own on the panel I put him in (From Napkin To Market). I was a little nervous, but he really showed his chops when it came to NDA's. The idea of this panel was to gain perspective from a newly formed, newly funded company (madKast), from a self funded and thriving company (EffectiveUI), and gain insight into the "Ah-Ha" moments that companies have moving forward from one of my favorite law firms, Fairfield & Woods. Thought I was desperate to have John Leonard on this panel, he sent his associate, who did well and provided food for thought. I really hope that the panelists and attendees were able to grab hold of at least one take-away.

MocaPay ( is another DEMO showcase company and one that I am going to watch closely. In true form, was so excited by their technology that I announced to the CEO that because of this I could stop carrying my credit cards in my bra. Yes indeed folks, I get loony over technology that will - well, allow me to stop carrying my credit cards in my bra when I run into the store for something quick and do not want to carry my entire purse!

Last, but never least, I want to say thank you to GoFast/Jet Pack. Troy Widgery has a really cool story and is quiet and modest personality. The Jet Pack actually flies and is flown by an ex-stuntman (quite frankly, I think he still qualifies as a stuntmen). It is funded by the Go Fast Energy Drink, which kicks Red Bull's ass. It is yummy - and the light is the best!

Can you tell I am getting my second wind about this event? Just in time for the debrief tomorrow and brain storming soon to come. Did I mention that a couple of us want to do a golf tournament next year too? Yes, I am crazy-why do you ask?

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