Sunday, November 25, 2007

60 Minutes of Dinosaurs

So I am totally psyched about turning on 60 Minutes tonight to find Anderson Cooper as a guest contributor. There are so many reasons to love Anderson Cooper - his mother is Gloria Vanderbilt and I am a child of the 70's, he has had his share of heartache with the death of his father and suicide of his brother, and he is unbelievably talented. I have seen him on Oprah a handful of times talking more about the state of America and third world countries than himself, but he seems intensely modest, sincere, and genuine. I am also psyched that 60 Minutes might be attempting to fight its way out of the prehistoric era that it has secured itself to for all of these years. Although Anderson is a man, he is an unlikely candidate for the old boy's club. So again, I am psyched about Anderson Cooper appearing as a guest and hope that he will become a more permanent fixture. That in itself would lend me the title of 60 Minutes fan!

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