Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Holiday Travel

So NBC News just showed a live shot of the number of airplanes that are in the air, or on runways about to take off. This is something I do not need to see. The airlines are trying to turn planes around within 45 minutes to an hour. OH GAWD - How is there time to gas it up, unload/reload, and make sure something important has not fallen off the damn thing? Oh Yes folks, this is why I do not fly during the holidays. In fact, there is very little I like to do during the holidays because it all comes with too many people, other people's children, and an enormous lack of common sense. A friend of mine told me today that I am going to make a highly successful middle aged person some day. I am not really this grumpy, I just do not like crowds or stupid people! Does this really make me crotchety?

At lunch today I saw a table of military personnel in uniform. This stopped me for several reasons. First of all, I love men in uniform and especially military (well, ok, policemen on their Harley's and firemen in anything do it for me too). Secondarily, there is not a base close to where I was and it struck me as odd. I am always so proud of military troops because I am a good Republican, a proud American, and very patriotic! Thank you all for serving and especially during the holiday season when I know you are desperate to be home with your families.

We all know how I feel about crimes against women and children, it is no secret. What you may not know is that I had the opportunity to go to Aruba to scuba dive this year and refused to go based on the tragedy of Natalie Holloway's death and the way the case has been handled. I am happy that all three of the lying bastards who were originally suspects in this case have been re-arrested with new evidence supporting the right to take them in to custody. Though the information will not be released until Friday, I hope the Holloway family can enjoy this holiday in some small way just knowing that investigators may have something to nail these guys.

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