Saturday, August 18, 2007

Things That Break My Heart

There has been so much tragedy these past few weeks and today was no exception. A 22 yr old man was killed in the mountains driving down the hill in a seven car pile up that was the result of a trucker not watching where he was going. A truck hit a toddler who is fighting for his life at Children's Hospital. Two firefighters were killed in New York today battling a fire in one the buildings damaged on September 11th. Then there is the mine in Utah, which I cannot even think about. I read on CNN that the mine incident is reaching a "critical moment"? Seriously, we have moved beyond a critical point. Then there is Hurricane Dean, which they can see from space and they are now bringing Endeavour home early, which begs the question can they land with a torn panel?

So all of this is going on and I have to care if Brittany is gay or losing her children as they flash yet another picture of her crawling her drunk ass into a car. At least she wore panties! And discussions about Michael Vick, who needs to just go to jail - one year per dog. There are real people having real problems that bring civil people to tears. Practice gratitude!

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