Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sex Offenders - 2nd chance is one too many!

Registered sex offender accused of sexually assaulting boy on
Longmont Police arrested 62-year-old Frank James Gutierrez after the boy's mother told police she had come home from work and caught Gutierrez sexually assaulting her son in the living room of their apartment. Gutierrez is a registered sex offender and was already listed on the Longmont Police Web site. He first registered with the police in November 2005 after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl in San Diego, California.

Seriously, when will this stop and why do we not have stiffer penalties for the sickos that hurt children in any way, shape, or form? How ridiculous and naive are those that think these people can be rehabilitated? When has that worked in the past? What was this little boy's mother thinking leaving her son alone and giving this pervert access to him. It is our responsibility as parents to protect our children, to raise them as healthy, strong, honest people with integrity.
We are not doing that on many levels, this being the most heinous. I just cannot get past this kind of thing and really think they should be put down like rabid dogs. Don't challenge me on this one, just agree to disagree if you are demented enough to do so!

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