Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Mothership Has Landed Once Again

Ladies and Gentlemen, May I have a moment of silence as my mothership has landed once again in the great state of Colorado - NORDSTROM opens at Cherry Creek Mall today!!!
So the question is whether or not I attended the Grand Opening and although I was invited, I did not go. I do not like to shop with crowds, yes, this includes the holidays. I like to experience the serenity that is Nordstrom at my own pace and without frenzy. This is why I do not like the Half Yearly Sales - Yes, I really said that!

So as exciting as this is, can Colorado support another Nordstrom? I ask because I do not see the economy picking up, but rather slowing down. There are 12 Fortune 500 companies in this town and only a handful of them have any interest in community advancement. Then you take a look at the sales industry and Colorado is considered a soft territory, which is amazing. I am even considering 1)getting out of technology and/or 2)getting out of sales. Of course, this bodes the never ending question - what will I do when I grow up?

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