Monday, November 12, 2007

Out of the Loop

It is amazing to me how quickly you can get out of the know. I have been busy trying to dig deep within myself to determine my next professional move, cleaning out rooms of my house, and reading like nobody's business. I have also been sick and so my trips to the gym have been sporadic at best.

I was reading MSN this morning and came across this article about Bad CEO's who walked away, or were fired, with millions. Here is the list:

Supersized CEO exits
Company Walk-away pay
Stanley O'Neal Merrill Lynch $160 million
Philip Purcell Morgan Stanley $43.9 million
Richard Grasso New York Stock Exchange $140 million
Douglas Ivester Coca-Cola $120 million
Robert Nardelli Home Depot $210 million
So the question that everyone is asking is what is wrong with our economy? This is what is wrong with our economy. It is said that beginning with Generation X, the workforce went south. Each and every one of these CEO's are Boomers and I see nothing in the way of work ethic or taking responsibility for their actions. In fact, these Boards are regarding bad behavior and asking consumers to pay the bill. Secondarily, take notice that none of these CEO's are women!

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